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What is Over/Under Betting in Sports? | Odds Shark

OVER/UNDER betting is also called a totals bet. The total in any given sporting event is a combined score of both teams. The total for these games is a number that is set by oddsmakers based on how they envision a game will unfold from a scoring perspective. As a bettor, you would need to select if the total number of points scored by both teams will be OVER or UNDER the set total.

How the Over/Under Works in the NFL - NFL Betting

How the Over/Under Works in the NFL. In sports betting, there are just a few bets that are considered to be regular bets and the over/under is one of them. The over/under is a simple wager where the bettor decides whether the final score of a specific game will be over or under a published number.

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What Is Over And Under In Football Betting? - Betting Gods

What is over and under in football betting is a question we frequently get asked. The terms under and over refer to the two possible outcomes in a variety of goals markets that are available for most football matches from most bookmakers.

NFL Over Under Betting - Understand Totals Bets for NFL Football

A bet on more points is called the over, and a bet on fewer points is known as the under. Some Important Over/Under Bet Details: It doesn’t matter which team scores the points.

Betting 101: What is Over Under sports betting?

What does Over Under mean in betting? Simply stated, it is the total of the points scored by both teams. While all sports employ an over/under betting option, by far the most money wagered on this...

Football Over Under Betting - National Football Post

Over Under Betting Explained. As you progress in your journey as a football bettor, there will be times when you realize that betting the point spread is not the best wager to make on a game. Often times, stout defenses, poor weather and running-based offensive teams make Over Under betting the best option.

Understanding Over/Under in Sports Betting | Bookies.com

In NFL betting, the Over/Under is the most popular way to wager on totals, with lines set for every game on Sunday and in prime time for Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football. NFL Over/Under betting is unique to every game, but in general the line usually falls somewhere between 40-55.