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The History of Volleyball by Tori Koechert - Prezi

Volleyball was invented on February 9, 1895. The first volleyball game was played on same day. The game was played in Holyoke, Massachusetts at a local YMCA. The inventor of the game and the YMCA athletic director there was William G. Morgan.

The History of Volleyball by Carly Emerson - Prezi

1896- at Springfield College the first game of "volleyball" was played. 1900, a special ball was designed for the sport. 1922, the first YMCA national championships were held in Brooklyn, NY. 27 teams from 11 states were represented. 1930, the first two-man beach game was played.

History of Volleyball by Emily W - Prezi

History of Volleyball What you need: * 2-6 players * A court * A net and 2 poles on each sides * A Volleyball * A smile :) Sources Where and when was the first Volleyball game played??

Volleyball History by Jennifer Austin - Prezi

Volleyball History My Citations Why did he invent it? Morgan want businessman to play a game on the break and not be as sweaty when they are done. 1.) Volleyball - General Information.

HISTORY OF VOLLEYBALL by Lyra Ponce de Leon - Prezi

HISTORY OF VOLLEYBALL William George Morgan (23 January 1870 – 27 December 1942) Morgan met James Naismith who is the creator of basketball while he was studying at Springfield College Using basketball as an inspiration, Morgan created a less vigorous sport that can be played by

History of Volleyball Timeline (1895-1995) by Jessica ... - Prezi

1895 - Volleyball Was. Invented. Volleyball was introduced into physical education programs at the high school and college level, and was added to school intramural programs. This was due to the YMCA partnering with the NCAA to help promote the sport.


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History Of Volleyball - SlideShare

1896, July 7th -<br /> At Springfield College, the first game of "volleyball" was played<br /> 4. 1907<br />Volleyball was presented at the Playground of America Convention as one of the most popular sports<br /> 5. 1916<br />Philippines- an offensive style of passing the ball in a high trajectory to be struck by another player (the set and spike) were introduced<br /> 6.

Basic Volleyball Rules

Volleyball is a complex game of simple skills. The ball is spiked from up to 60 cm above the height of a basketball hoop (about 3.65 metres) and takes fractions of a second to travel from the spiker to the receiver.