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SpitFire said: IMO, you should be fully warmed up before you start banging the ball around with your opponent. That will allow for the "warmup" to consist of you feeling out your opponent for weaknesses. If they're having issues with warming up, then it means they should have ball control issues come match-time.

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Basic Tennis Etiquette Call the Score. If you’re serving, make sure to call the score before every point. This not only lets your opponent know... Respect the Neighbors. Don’t roll balls behind or onto someone else’s court during a point. If a ball comes onto your... Fair Warmups. Before a match, ...

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Dynamic stretching is one of the best ways to warm-up for tennis. Dynamic stretches consist of small bursts of muscle activity without static stretching (holding a pose for 20–60 seconds). Research has shown that static stretching is a better way to cool down and mitigate soreness.

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Warm-up like a pro. Keep your pre-match warm-up brief – the pros stick to five minutes, and so should you. Serve the right way. Before you serve, make sure your opponent is ready to receive. While the rules say you should take no more than 20 seconds between points, you don’t want to win a point by serving at your opponent’s back.

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Warm-up serves are taken before first serve of match. A player should take all warm-up serves before the first serve of a match. A player who returns serves should return them at a moderate pace in a manner that does not disrupt the server. MAKING CALLS 5. Player makes calls on own side of net. A player calls all shots landing on, or aimed at, the

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Exhale as you raise your right arm up until it is even with your shoulder and simultaneously lift your left leg up until it is even with your hip. Try to avoid any tilting of hips. Hold this position for 6–8 seconds. Repeat 10–12 repetitions. b. Supine Bridge: 10–12 repetitions Lying face up, with bent knees, feet hip width apart.

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WARM-UPS If you’re playing singles, you should always warm up with your opponent before your match begins. However, this is not the time to practice competitively. For the most part, you shouldn’t hit at full pace and you certainly shouldn’t try to hit winners. Place your shots around the middle

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Do not tell someone you lost the match because you received a "terrible warm-up". You can warm your body up by doing some mild jogging, walking fast or calisthenics. You can even do these things off the actual court. Do not play "first ball in" when serving. Do not expect to hit every ball on one bounce in the warm-up. You will be most prone to injury early. Save the chases for the match. Personally, I use the warm-up to calm down and relax before the match starts.