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Overhand Dig If the volleyball comes at a digger’s head or face, they may need to use an overhand dig to get the volleyball back in to the air. This is where a volleyball player uses the bottom or heel of their hand to hit. Diving Sometimes the volleyball will be hit in a position where a digger is unable to get there in time on their feet, forcing them to dive.

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You should know that there are different types of digs in volleyball. These include: a traditional volleyball dig as well as dive and overhead volleyball dig. We would recommend you to practise each type of volleyball digs. During the game, depending on situation you’ll be able to choose a volleyball dig that’s more to your liking.

Volleyball Digging Drills | Pakmen Volleyball

Team-on-3-Digging Drill is the type of volleyball digging drill that teaches volleyball players how to react to serves in the best possible way. It’s important to know that at least four volleyball players (3 diggers and 1 server) participate in this drill. Three volleyball players (3 diggers) have to go to defensive side of the court.

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3 Volleyball Digging Drills For Fast Improvements

Team-on-3-Digging Drill. This digging drill is used to help players respond to serves. The drill requires at least four people. Place three players on one side and a server on the other. Task the server with serving the ball in ways that are unpredictable, so as to test the range of digging moves by the players on the defensive side.


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The volleyball dig definition and terms digging, defense, up, tagged, touch, lip, libero, pancake, pepper, roll, six pack, facial, chester, and chicken wing Volleyball Dig Definition: Volleyball digging is what liberos, defensive specialists and six rotation players back court players do to keep the ball off the court floor.

The Volleyball Dig: What Is It, When To Do It and How To Dig ...

Defensive Volleyball Plays: The dig is the last line of defense for a team to keep an opposing team's attack from scoring points by keep the ball off the floor. (Ralph Aversen) Defensive plays are made in a rally, after a team serves, the serving team is on defense and the team who is receiving the serve is on offense.

What Is A Dig In Volleyball? Lessons, Drills, And Techniques ...

What is a dig in volleyball? A dig is a defensive bump that keeps the ball from hitting the floor when it’s sent to your side of the court with an offensive attack, usually a spike. Anyone can and should learn to dig, so keep reading to learn the techniques to improve your digging.